Meet Dominican Designer Nelson Tavarez

Nelson Tavarez debuted his fashion collection at the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center in 2012, as part of the emerging designer program. His debut collection, within shadows, was awarded Best Overall collection by the Art Institute of New York. Subsequently Nelson Was invited to show his collection at Dominicana Moda, one of the most important fashion show in the Caribbean. Nelson’s Designs have captured international attention and has been featured in publications such as Vogue UK and Germany’s Blonde Magazine.

Nelson grew up in the small rural town of Tenares in the Dominican Republic. Some of his earliest memories are of the local women, who would don their colorful Sunday best and work the church aisle like it was a runway every week at mass. Even today, these ladies continue to inspire him and he is forever grateful that they began his love affair with fashion. When Nelson was 9, he moved to Northern New Jersey with his parents. For a child of the countryside, this new urban environment was initially difficult, but he soon found a different kind of beauty in the hard geometry of the city, and became fascinated with the way light and shadow played in his surroundings.

Nelson’s designs are inspired by his story; he filters childhood memories through the hard architectural landscape of New York. It is fresh and important point of view that only hints and the depth of his talent and bright future that will surely be his. In his designs, one can see brilliant pops of color along with hard architectural lines, yet there is still a softness that flatters a woman’s body. Look closely and you can see his attention to detail. There are structural delicacies made up of leather touches, abstruse hues of color, pristine line artistry creating vibrant garments.

This year Nelson has been given the opportunity once again to be part of this amazing platform that is Dominicana Moda.  It is a magical event that gathers the best of fashion from around the world in a weeklong celebration. Each year this event grows in recognition because of the quality and dedication of the organization. Today Nelson invites you to be a part of this team, and asks for your help in sponsoring his collection ReGenartion Speed.

“ I’ve had to fight, work and hold tightly to my dreams every step of the way to get where I am. I feel blessed when I look back at the path that led me here and I am grateful. With your help, I know I am on my way to a better future” – Nelson Tavarez

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