Cris Urena / Galore Mag Q&A

Name Cris Urena
Age 19
Zodiac sign Virgo
Height 5’10
Agency New York Models
Hometown Worcester, Massachusetts
when I was 12 I thought I wanted to be a doctor
My first passion is medicine
I was discovered when my friends and I sent in some pics to some NY agencies, a few months later I was signed to NYM and been working hard since.
People would be surprised by me if they knew I loved to cook. I’m obsessed with food.
If I wasn’t modeling I would be doing something in the medical field

I’m a risk taker seeking opportunities
My life is not complete without: My family
When I’m nervous, I turn to candy
My biggest inspiration is trying to be the best person I can be for my family and I.
I am amazed by all the talented people I get to work with everyday
my favorite designer is YSL
My most exciting job to date: doing Victoria’s Secret, and shooting the Ralph Lauren fragrance campaign
my job is very exciting
The fashion industry is inspiring and creative
My motivation that keeps me going: my family back home. I’m a big family girl.
I’m purely a lover

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