Arlenis Sosa for Xo Jane Magazine

Photographed by David Roemer. Styled by  Eric Nicholson

What made you agree to do the shoot today?

Arlenis: One of my friends was telling me about [Jane] magazine and what it used to be, and I think itʼs great. So for me, itʼs a really great opportunity, and also I feel very honored to be next to Isaac, Liu Wen, these people that I have worked with. And I think, this will be something new! So Iʼm happy.

We asked everyone to wear something meaningful to them. What did you wear?

My mom just gave me these beautiful earrings. They are like triangles, with little diamonds. Thatʼs something that everywhere I go I always wear.

Are you close to your mom?

Weʼre like best friends. I havenʼt called her today, so that means that I will call her after this.

What pills do you take every day?

Vitamin E. I always do that. It helps with the skin, you know? I have a [Lancôme beauty] contract I have to keep!

You canʼt show up looking all busted!

Oh my god, can you imagine? Actually, just yesterday, I was looking in CVS and Iʼm like, “Where are these vitamins?”, and the girl is like, “We have the oil, you can just put it on your face.” Iʼm like, “No, no, no, I want the pills.”

Did you tell her you have a contract?

She’s like, “But you have such amazing skin!” Iʼm like, “I know, I know.”

What kind of underwear are you wearing now?

I actually donʼt wear any. It’s a little secret, you know?

What would you want to see on

I would want to see different types of people or style and I want women to see something new, something creative that they can follow. You know what I mean? My English sometimes...

If you were going to make out with anyone else in this story, who would it be?

Mmmmm.... Paz de la Huerta!

Oh! You want to make out with her?

No! Thereʼs no men in here? Oh my God. Hmmm … David Arquette, you can say that. Iʼm embarrassed to say a woman

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