Sal Garcia on Mariemaud

Rosalba Garcia @ Hollywood Model Management (LA)

From Eastern Europe to West Coast, we did the big jump in half an hour. Mentally and visually. It's too early to talk about Hollywood Nights (though geographically it might be alright according to time zones) so we changed it to Hollywood Mornings and are quite happy of that swap. And it's a title that sounds pretty appropriate for an article talking about Hollywood Model Management, boutique company which doesn't only share its name with the famous boulevard but is also located only a few steps from it. It's not the first time we drop a few words on an agency from LA but maybe the vibe (the wave?) is stronger this morning, 9.30am GMT+1. If it's the will to escape to broader horizons or simply some geniune enthusiasm to start featuring work from markets we didn't fully reached yet, no one can tell and we are first to ignore it. But one thing we know for sure is the quality of Rosalba's photographs, by Jaesung Lee, didn't escape from our eyes. It's basic test-shooting yet clear and pure as should be in such case (remember it's LA, not a dirty trash bootcamp for wicked edgy-lovers) and hits right in the target. Screams and shouts the truth about the model's facts (from Dominican Republic, again), figures (5'11 32 - 23.5 - 34), features (look above) and fearless fashion sense (ditto). And with the dreamy aura of both pictures and agency location the message could be clear: from a day in Paradise to a life without a lie, little dreams can go a long, long way. Not even mentioning where bigger could go. Then our message to HMM: don't stop these Hollywood mornings.

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