Rene Rodriquez interview by I-D Magazine

Name: Rene R. Rodriguez at d1
Age: 21
What do you do: Musician and Dentistry student.
Where do you live: New York, but I like to spend time in my hometown Santo Domingo.
What or who inspires you: My mother. And Gautama Buda.
What's on your iPod: Nirvana, W.A. Mozart, Chopin, Handel, Tchaivkosky, Haydn, Muse, Bach, Beethoven, Guns N' Roses.
What's your star sign: Cancer
What would you take to the streets and protest about: Orphans, homelessness, and the inequality that the superclass force us to live amongst.
What are you wearing head-to-toe: Boxers. Good Morning!
How many shows did you do this season: 5
What makes life worth living: Family and a girl who stole my heart.
If I was the most powerful person in the world I would: Fight restless until every child in the world has food, education, respect and love.
Give us a top tip: Everything you do, do it for the right reason. Even if you don't like it, enjoy it, because it will make you who you need to be.
Favorite label: Gucci
If you weren't yourself who would you be: Nobody

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