Reina Montero is one of the Top Ten Models to Watch

The Dominican Republic is churning 'em out: Next in line after Arlenis Sosa and Rose Cordero, who both hit big in the last few years, is 16-year-old Reina Montero. Montero actually broke into modeling because of Cordero, who was her volleyball teammate (Cordero's mother pointed Montero in the direction of Rose's agency). After signing in 2009, she's already landed editorials for Pop magazine, French Revue de Modes, and AnOther Magazine. She was also featured in V magazine's much-hyped shape issue, which came out earlier this year. Though the New York runways haven't seen a turn by Reina yet, she did make the rounds last year at Dominica Moda 2009. And we're guessing that her majestic beauty, with her long legs and deep-brown eyes, is likely to catch on.


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1 Response to Reina Montero is one of the Top Ten Models to Watch

February 10, 2010 at 3:35 AM

Good for her.

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